Our 17-week recording course is hands on from day 1, one of the best programs in audio engineering schools
Audio Engineering Program

A recording arts program taught by top studio engineers

On the first day of classes, held in one of the four recording studios, you’ll be actively learning and participating in studio-related audio engineering tasks. Recording classes at Dark Horse Institute are small to ensure that our students get plenty of one on one time with their instructors and recording equipment as needed. That means from day one, you will learn by doing, not just watching.

In addition to hands-on experience with our studio equipment, as part of your studies at DHI, we’ll bring in two professional working bands for you to work with and record as final projects. You’ll get invaluable experience and knowledge in music production and the recording arts from our instructors, who have decades of credits from recording the “who’s who” of recording artists from all genres of music. They’ve worked on countless Gold, Platinum and Grammy-nominated albums and will be sharing their tips, tricks, and tools of the trade with you first hand.


The Audio Engineering course is a certificate program in the recording arts aimed strongly at a hands-on, real-world approach over 17 weeks:

  • Microphones and placement techniques
  • Signal routing and patching
  • Compression, EQ, and digital effects
  • Fundamentals of digital audio
  • Using industry-standard software – Pro Tools HD
  • Software plugins including Melodyne, Auto-Tune, Elastic Audio and Beat Detective
  • Setting up a tracking session
  • Live sound techniques and how to set up a PA system
  • Analog tape machines
  • Transferring between different digital platforms
  • Soldering and studio repairs
  • Working with MIDI
  • The role of the audio engineer
  • Advanced editing techniques
  • Full band recording, editing, mixing, and mastering
  • Studio etiquette, life skills, invoicing, and becoming an independent contractor

Students are also encouraged to use our recording school studios and facilities after class to help sharpen their skills.