Lauren booking shows for the one of the many bands she manages
Learn The Music Business In Music City

Interested in a career in the music business but not sure where to start? Have a career but don’t know how take it further? Come to Dark Horse Institute and study Music Business in Music City. During our 12-Week Music Business program you’ll get an insider’s look at how the business works and learn road-tested principals of the past plus modern solutions and strategies for succeeding in the new music business. You will also get real-world experience taking on the project of finding a band or artist, promoting and managing them through the recording and live performance process.
Taught by industry professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the trenches, this 12-week course focuses on the crucial elements and strategies that it takes to be successful in the entertainment business. You’ll get expert instruction and hands-on experience in artist management, A&R, record company operations, marketing and promotion, booking and touring, music publishing, as well as a solid understanding of entertainment law and finance. Because the program is taught in the music capital of the world, you’ll get the chance to meet with major labels, management to some of the biggest acts, performing rights organizations, famous venues, studios and more.

Plus, you’ll learn the best strategies for either getting a job or starting your own music business. Like our Audio Engineering program, Music Business is taught in an immersive, real-world setting to help you enter the world of music business with a competitive edge.

Please note: a laptop computer with Microsoft Office is required for the program.


  • Entertainment Business 1
  • Entertainment Business 2
  • Entertainment Business 3
  • Artist Management
  • Record Companies
  • Touring
  • Marketing 1 — Major Label Marketing
  • Marketing 2 — Digital Marketing
  • Marketing 3 — DIY Marketing
  • Publishing Law 1
  • Publishing Law 2
  • Publishing Law 3