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Avid Pro Tools Training

At Dark Horse Institute, we don’t use “student” equipment. We believe one of the most important factors to our program is Avid Pro Tools Training. As you may or may not know Avid Pro Tools has been the standard in professional studios for quite some time. We take pride in the fact that we prepare our students to enter the field of audio engineering with an extremely comprehensive knowledge of this software.

Why Do I Need Pro Tools Training?

Pro Tools has been the recording industry standard for quite some time and shows no signs of changing anytime soon. Being proficient using Pro Tools is often seen as a gauge of your overall knowledge of being audio engineer and is quite often a huge factor in launching your career in audio engineering.

What Does the Pro Tools Training Include?

We teach Pro Tools from the ground up, teaching you everything our staff engineers use on each project they do plus all of the tips and tricks they’ve learned over the years. Pro-Tools-Training-Recording-Instruction-At-Dark-Horse-InstituteYou’ll have an abundance of time to practice and hone your Pro Tools skills.  Some of the items we teach are:

  • All editing models, and when they are appropriate
  • All tools and how they’re properly utilized
  • Time aligning tracks using manual editing with nudging functions
  • Using Beat Detective to time align drum and percussion recordings
  • All functions of Elastic Audio, even using it to time align different instruments
  • Tuning vocal tracks with two industry standard plug-ins/programs (Antares’ AutoTune and Celemony’s Melodyne)
  • All automation modes including plug-in automation
  • Mixing inside of Pro Tools in order to create a radio quality mix
  • Mastering a project in order to prepare it for duplication.

How Can Pro Tools Training Help Launch My Career?

Often times Pro Tools editing is a launching pad for a career. There are many producers in our industry who have projects that require varying amounts of editing. Often times the producers on these projects lack the knowledge, time or desire to do this editing. This is where you as a Dark Horse Institute graduate come in and fulfill a job that needs to be completed. For example, if you can be the guy to tune vocals for every project a producer does, it won’t take long until your role with that producer can move to recording or mixing projects.

What Sort of Systems Will I Be Learning Pro Tools On?

In each of our larger studios, we have Pro Tools HD systems which you will use to record all of your multiple recording projects during your time here. We also are committed to the fact that each student will have his or her own editing station to use when doing Pro Tools editing, which ensures everyone a full hands-on experience. These stations consist of a 20″ Apple iMac as well as an Avid MBox.

Will I Be Pro Tools Certified After Your Program?

Avid does offer a program known as Pro Tools Certification, which is designed to show that you have passed a course of proficiency on the program. However, we do not offer this as part of our program. Why? Well, this certification program is not as comprehensive as our Pro Tools Training. The certification program is also very expensive—in order just to take the test it will cost you several thousand dollars. This cost is almost one-third of our entire program’s tuition, and it will not help you get a job in this industry. Pro Tools certification—or lack thereof—is not a factor in someone’s employment as an audio engineer. What is much more important than any sheet of paper is your actual proficiency on the software and in the studio.

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