Professional recording studio equipment used on gold and platinum records
Studio Equipment & Facilities


When we say β€œhands-on,” we mean it! Check out the incredible list of professional equipment at your disposal as a student at Dark Horse Institute.

Our audio engineering classes are kept small to allow you plenty of time to work directly on our studio equipment with the instructors. We offer world-class “studio-standard” analog and digital gear for you to learn recording and music production techniques on. In addition, we bring in two working professional bands for you to record as final projects over 10 class days. You’ll spend additional time learning to edit, mix and master these tracks. During the recording sessions you’ll be learning proper mic placement using our collection of high-end microphones and how to route them through one of our two recording consoles and racks of analog preamps, equalizers, compressors and various effects.

Every student will also have access to their own iMac computer with digital interface and MIDI controller loaded with Pro Tools, Melodyne and access to all of the Universal Audio plug-ins. Read through our microphone and tracking equipment list below and click on the links above to view our studios and labs. Learn on actual studio equipment instead of just looking at pictures of it in a classroom.

Additional Equipment:


(1) AKG C422 (Stereo Condensor)
(2) AKG C-451EB
(2) AKG D-112
(4) AKG 414 TLII
(4) Audio Technica 350
(4) Audio Technica 4033
(2) Audio Technica 4050
(2) Cascade Fat Head Ribbon
(1) Cascade X-15 Stereo Ribbon
(1) Crown PZM
(1) Electrovoice RE-20
(2) Microtech Gefell M200
(2) Microtech Gefell M-70
(1) Microtech Gefell M-900
(3) Microtech Gefell UM-92 Tube
(2) Microtech Gefell M-71
(2) Neumann M-147 Tube
(1) Neumann U-87
(2) Neumann M-582 Tube
(1) Peavey PVM 45
(2) Royer R122
(1) Sennheiser e835
(1) Sennheiser MD 441-U
(9) Sennheiser MD 421
(1) Shure Beta 52
(1) Shure Beta 57
(1) Shure Beta 58
(2) Shure SM-7
(1) Shure SM-54
(13) Shure SM-57
(4) Shure SM-81
(3) Shure KSM-44
(2) Shure KSM-32
(2) Shure KSM-141
(1) Shure KSM-137
(2) Sony ECM-33F
(1) TOA RD-14

Nearfield Monitoring

Genelec 1031
Emotiva Monitors
Mackie HR 824
Truth Audio Monitors


Yamaha C6 Grand Piano


(2) Digidesign Protools HDx Systems
(1) Digidesign Protools HD2 Accel System
(24) Avid Protools 10 Mbox 3 Systems
(2) Otari Radar II Hard Disk Recorders
(2) Otari MTR-90 II 24-track Analog Recorders

Two-Track Mix Formats

(2) Alesis Masterlink High Resolution Hard Disc Recorders
(2) Panasonic 3700 DAT Recorders
(1) Panasonic 3800 DAT Recorder
(1) Tascam CD-RW5000 Recorder