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SSL Recording Studio

The SSL Studio based around our SSL 6056E/G+ console in a control room with finely tuned acoustics. Connected to this are two isolation rooms and our main live room, great for recording drums and strings. One iso room features a 7ft. Yamaha grand piano, a standard on hundreds of pop music releases, available for artists and audio engineering students to record on or just to play after hours.

SSL Console

SSL consoles are some of the most coveted audio recording and mixing desks in the world, walk into most major studios and there will be an SSL.  You’ll have regular hands-on access to our SSL during your audio engineering courses at Dark Horse Institute. You’ll also have a chance to use it during at least one of your full band recording projects.  The SSL 6056E/G+
 console is a 56 channel 6056 E series console from Solid State Logic with a G+ series computer for VCA based automation. Eight channels carry modified G Series channel strips with Black EQ and every channel includes the onboard compression, EQ, and routing flexibility that have made the SSL so popular as a mixing platform. It also has the infamous master buss compressor that gives your studio mixes that perfect finishing touch, emulated by numerous plugins and copied by many outboard units. Also in the studio is a Pro Tools rig and full rack of outboard gear used every day by top audio engineers around the world, designed and made by legendary names such as API, Rupert Neve, Summit, DBX, Brent Avrill and more.


G+ VCA Automation with Total Recall on 56 channels plus 8 Groups and 3 Stereo Mix paths


(1) API 3124+
(1) DBX 786
(1) Summit Preamp
(1) Roland SRV-330
(2) Lexicon PCM-80
(1) TC 2290 Digital Effects Processor (1) ADL Tube Compressor/Limiter
(1) Amek 9098 Compressor/Limiter (1) Yamaha 1500 Delay
(1) BA 1073 Preamp