Learn in recording arts studio that produces gold and platinum records
The Trident Recording Studio

Literally, this is where you start your first day of class.

Recording Console:

Yes, this is the twin sister of the Trident Series
 80 recording console at Dark Horse Recording in The Lodge – another Series 80 console modified by electronics genius Bud Wyatt, with many of the same modifications; EQ, mix, summing amp, IC chip upgrades, solo safes, etc. It features a 40-input, 24 monitor and 24-bus custom external patch bay. Input and monitor sections can be linked for a total of 64 channels during mix-down. This recording console is the brand of choice for nearly half a century’s worth of world-renowned recording artists.


AMS / Neve Flying Faders
 40 channels plus Master Fader and one group fader


(2) Amek 9098 Preamp
(1) ADL Tube Compressor/Limiter (2) EL-8 Distressor
(1) UA 1176LN
(1) Summit EQF-100
(3) DBX 902 De-Esser
(4) DBX 903 Compressor
(2) DBX 904 Gate
(4) Aphex EQF
(4) Aphex CX-1 Compression
(1) Roland SRV-330