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Learn Music Business in Music City

Taught by industry professionals with real-world experience, this 12-week course focuses on the crucial elements and strategies that it takes to be successful in the music business world. Via extensive site visits and lectures, you’ll learn music business related hot-topics on the state of the music industry, such as Artist Management, A&R, Digital Marketing, Distribution, Copyright, Songwriting and Music Publishing. All these areas of study are designed to prepare you for a job in the industry or start your own entertainment business.

Music Business in Smyrna TN

Launch your career in the music business

During morning classes you’ll learn the ins-and-outs of how the music industry works. Then, in the afternoon, you’ll work at Dark Horse Music Group—a recording, marketing and project management company/label located just outside of Nashville, TN. There you’ll scout, sign, develop and market indie bands, then prepare them for the production of six-song EPs recorded by our Audio Engineering school. You will also advise artists on imaging, branding, and marketing, then develop the web and social media tools to support the release of their new recordings.

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Program Focus

  • Entertainment Business 1
  • Entertainment Business 2
  • Entertainment Business 3
  • Artist Management
  • Record Companies
  • Touring
  • Marketing 1 — Major Label Marketing
  • Marketing 2 — Digital Marketing
  • Marketing 3 — DIY Marketing
  • Publishing Law 1
  • Publishing Law 2
  • Publishing Law
Smyrna Tennessee Music Business School

Learn in the heart of the music industry

Classes are held in historic Franklin, TN minutes from Nashville—home to major record labels, music management companies, publishing houses, and musicians. Like our Audio Engineering course, this program will be taught in the same fully immersive, real-world style to help you enter the world of the music business with a competitive edge. By the conclusion of the course, you will have gained valuable hands-on experience making and marketing records, and have a résumé and portfolio of accomplishments that will give you the edge as you pursue music business job interviews or when setting up your record label or entertainment company.

What makes Dark Horse Institute different for Smyrna students?

Music Business Program in Smyrna TN

There are many reasons why DHI may be a superior choice: professional instructors with real-world experience, world-renowned facilities equipped with industry-standard equipment, more opportunities for independent studio time, and hands-on learning of the business, smaller class sizes, and career services to name a few. Most of all, we are a professional recording studio and an indie record label, not just a school.

When comparing other schools to our professional program, we suggest spending some time researching these critical components: Career Preparation, Facilities & Equipment, and Our Faculty.

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