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Zach McCord Wins Nashville Dream Recording Contest

After 2 months, over 200 videos and 50,000 voters Zach McCord originally of Bridgeport, WV and now Phoenixville, PA won the First Nashville Dream Recording Contest.  Zach, a Worship Intern at LifePoint Church, and an incredibly talented songwriter and performer. He won the final round with 8872 votes for his song “Wait”.  Zach will now […]

Are You Sitting Too Far From Your Studio Monitors?

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Auralex President and Founder Eric Smith yesterday.  If you are in recording or live sound, you surely know the Auralex Brand.  One thing that struck many of us by surprise, but will certainly change the way we mix is that we are usually sitting in the wrong […]

Gear We Love: Auralex MoPAD Monitor Isolation Pads

Did you know that your monitors are the most critical components in your studio?  The sound can change greatly depending on what surface the monitors are placed on.  So our friends at Auralex have the solution.  It’s by no means a new product but one we love none the less. The MoPad is designed to […]

Acoustics 101

  One of the biggest challenges, whether you are recording at home, mixing a track or recording at a studio is acoustics. As an engineer or producer knowing how acoustics work is just as important as knowing how the board works. You may not be aware of this but our friends over at Auralex have […]

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