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Fun Things to do Around Nashville March 27 – April 2

The Nashville Sessions -By Becki Sessions Pic of the Week: Hey Friends! Welcome to another week of The Nashville Sessions! Spring has finally decided to stick around and when the weather is nice, you can count on the fact that I’ll probably be at a show. Check out all the things going on this week […]

How to Get A Huge Kick Drum Sound

What does this look like to you? To the average eye, this probably looks like a mess. Clutter. A stack of mattresses maybe? How about the obvious: a drum set and a ton of foam? Whatever the average eye sees, the recording studio enthusiast sees opportunity, promise, and experimentation. This is a drum set and some […]

Talking Acoustics with Auralex President Eric Smith

  We are lucky enough to have Auralex as a sponsor at Dark Horse Institute, if you are unfamiliar with Auralex, they are the premier manufacturer of acoustical treatments in the world.  Our studios at the Institute have Auralex everywhere you turn.  We are also very lucky and grateful to have the President of Auralex, […]

What you can do to prepare to attend Dark Horse Institute

We often get asked “How can I prepare to attend Dark Horse Institute?”  There are a lot of ways you can prepare and come in with a leg up  to make your first couple of weeks easier.  The great thing is that there is enough online and in magazines to help you get there. Learn […]

The 6 Elements for a Perfect Audio Mix

The Perfect Audio Mix There are 6 elements to mixing music that engineers and producers follow that make up the mixing process.  They are Balance, Frequency Range, Panorama, Dimension, Dynamics and Interest. Each one of these elements are just as important as the next.  It should be noted that each process is important by themselves, […]

Home Recording: How You Can Get a Head Start on Your Career

  Home Recording There seems to be a perception that professional studios, hate the idea of home studios.  I suppose this comes from the digital take over of everything else like newspapers, magazines and anything else you can download.  The truth is a home studio will never have the budget or flexibility of a professional […]

What music should I use to set up my Studio Monitors

This is a very good question we got on what is the proper music or audio to use to check placement, levels and eq on Studio Monitors.  There are a lot of CD’s out there that people use to set up rooms.  However if you don’t have the experience using these CD’s they can be […]

Demystifying Monitor Placement: How to Place Speakers in your Studio

One of the biggest puzzles and most frustrating problems Professional and Home studios have is: Where do I put the monitors?  In this Awesome Tutorial you can find out why monitors are put where.  It is not as complicated as you may think, but it’s also much more important than just putting them anywhere.  Here’s […]

How old are your Ears? Take this test to find out!

We stumbled across this video and not only found it informative but very important. Listen with Headphones for an accurate read and we’ll meet you after the video. So how old are your Ears?  And why is this important? Your ears in the music business are extremely important, they are your well being, it’s like […]

How To Become An Audio Engineer Without A Degree

Insiders View From Dark Horse Institute The best way to become one, is to learn from one! You will also need to develop a good set of ears, so you’ll want to study in a place that allows you do just that. Passionate audio students enroll in programs that are solely audio-focused, allowing a significant […]

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