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Put the Engineer in Audio Engineer

The title engineer is typically associated with someone that can completely control any aspect of a trade.  Engineers are typically stereotyped as incredibly intelligent and problem solvers.  So why give a guy that sits behind a board pushing faders and setting up wires an engineer? Because a great audio engineer knows not only the mixing […]

Acoustics 101

  One of the biggest challenges, whether you are recording at home, mixing a track or recording at a studio is acoustics. As an engineer or producer knowing how acoustics work is just as important as knowing how the board works. You may not be aware of this but our friends over at Auralex have […]

The Acoustic Guitar

The acoustic guitar has played a huge role in american music history. There isn’t a music genre today that hasn’t incorporated the acoustic guitar in someway or another. So as an audio engineer, it is pretty important to know as much as you can about acoustic guitar; like style, size, material, and brand. There are […]

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