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Tutorial Tuesday: What is Bitrate and why is it Important?

If you have exported any audio on a DAW, you have been asked what Bitrate you would like to export to.  What is that and what is the difference? Bitrate refers to the number of bits—or the amount of data—that are processed over a certain amount of time. In audio, this usually means kilobits per […]

How old are your Ears? Take this test to find out!

We stumbled across this video and not only found it informative but very important. Listen with Headphones for an accurate read and we’ll meet you after the video. So how old are your Ears?  And why is this important? Your ears in the music business are extremely important, they are your well being, it’s like […]

Recommended Monitors and Headphones for a DIY Studio

We Answer the Your Questions: What Headphones and Monitors do we recommend for a DIY Studio? In this first installment of the Dark Horse Institute Vlog we answer a questions from Joshua Berg. Josh asked, “What headphones and monitors are best suited for a DIY Studio?” When it comes to DIY, I automatically think quality […]

Headphone Mix In The Studio

You may not think of it this way but, a good headphone mix in the studio can make a huge difference in the outcome of the sessions. In some ways the headphones are the biggest part of a session and without a good mix, the players and singer won’t be able to hear and performer […]

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