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Recommended Monitors and Headphones for a DIY Studio

We Answer the Your Questions: What Headphones and Monitors do we recommend for a DIY Studio? In this first installment of the Dark Horse Institute Vlog we answer a questions from Joshua Berg. Josh asked, “What headphones and monitors are best suited for a DIY Studio?” When it comes to DIY, I automatically think quality […]

Mix Up Your Monitors

Having multiple sets of monitors will greatly improve your mixing and critical listening skills. This is something that all professional audio engineers practice and is sometimes a huge part of their workflow. While you are mixing, try playing your mix through a few different pairs of speakers, even if they are just regular old computer […]

Prevent Hearing Loss

This is important to everyone in the industry, but sometime we all can get a little careless, and may not know that we are doing something that can cause hearing loss. I’m am not saying you need to be paranoid by anything that makes noise, but just be aware and cautious. The world can be […]

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