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Dark Horse Institute Offering Free Live Recording

Do you play an instrument and like live music? Your Friday night just got awesome, because Dark Horse Institute is offering FREE live recording during the 2015 Full Moon Pickin Parties! A few weeks ago, we did an article on Dark Horse Institute’s involvement with Friends of Warner Park and this year’s series of Full Moon […]

Dark Horse Institute Joins Full Moon Pickin Party 2015

Your guarantee for summer fun starts May 29th! Dark Horse Institute has partnered with Friends of Warner Parks for this year’s Full Moon Pickin Party events! Imagine yourself on a warm summer’s night strolling through the lights and sounds of about 2,500 of Nashville’s finest pickers – acoustic guitars, basses, banjos, mandolins, harmonicas, and more […]

Learn How to Record Acoustic Guitar in your Home Studio

Recording any acoustic instrument is tricky.  Many people believe that you have to have a completely sound proof room, the musician has to breath as silent as possible and it’s going to be impossible to get a clean sound. With acoustic guitar many engineers make the mistake of recording solely from the direct out.  So […]

Audio Engineering in the Film Industry

Audio Engineering in Films Being in Nashville it’s easy to get caught up in the studio album trap.  But the truth is that there are a lot of careers and jobs outside of the mainstream audio engineering studio jobs.  Because of this and because I’m a HUGE horror film buff and composer myself, I wanted […]

Tutorial Tuesday: How to Get the most while Recording Vocals

   When it comes to recording vocals, there a lot of things to factor in.  Since the voice is the only instrument that can’t be blamed for sounding bad, you have to take extra care with vocalists.  From the first timer to the veteran, there are things that you as an engineer or producer can […]

Microphones 101: Condensers, Dynamic and Ribbon…Oh My!

In the world of recording, there are few things as important as microphones.  There are so many factors in the outcome of a recording that depend on the microphone.  An Engineer will not only have to know where to place, what the pattern is and how the room will effect the sound, but also what […]

Do it Yourself Studio: $20 Sound GOBO at Home

We stumbled across this cool DIY after receiving requests on how to make one of these gobos.  There are a couple of ways you can do this but Dave Eric Smith, wins the prize for most functional and creative!  And he is featured in this edition of our Do it Yourself Studio Blog!  Check out […]

Do it Yourself Acoustic Diffusers

The biggest mistake made by home studios, and even some professional ones, is buying pre-manufactured acoustic diffusion and absorption panels that don’t fit their needs. You can create unique and specialized pieces yourself that not only make your studio sound better, but look cooler too.  One of the coolest and personalized pieces you can make […]

How To Safely Put A Microphone On A Stand

This may seem like common sense to some people but this is very important if you’re new to the industry. You do not want to be the new guy that broke a microphone putting it on the stand. Whenever you are dealing with microphone, whether it belongs to you or not, you should treat it […]

What Is The Best Condenser Microphone Under $200?

If you are on a budget and really need a solid microphone that will do the job, what should you buy? Recording Hacks has an indepth review on 7 microphones in the $200 price range. They took these microphones and recorded a couple different instruments and have the results as a blind test, letting you […]

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