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Being a Recording Arts Graduate is Anything But a Piece of Cake

“And Let us Eat Cake!” After a heartfelt commencement ceremony, the honored guests will soon realize that being a recording arts graduate is anything but a piece of cake. In fact, it’s what all graduates must do during their first year after graduation that paves the foundation for success in the music industry. Some graduates will immediately […]

Talking Acoustics with Auralex President Eric Smith

  We are lucky enough to have Auralex as a sponsor at Dark Horse Institute, if you are unfamiliar with Auralex, they are the premier manufacturer of acoustical treatments in the world.  Our studios at the Institute have Auralex everywhere you turn.  We are also very lucky and grateful to have the President of Auralex, […]

Home Recording: How You Can Get a Head Start on Your Career

  Home Recording There seems to be a perception that professional studios, hate the idea of home studios.  I suppose this comes from the digital take over of everything else like newspapers, magazines and anything else you can download.  The truth is a home studio will never have the budget or flexibility of a professional […]

Do it Yourself Studio: $20 Sound GOBO at Home

We stumbled across this cool DIY after receiving requests on how to make one of these gobos.  There are a couple of ways you can do this but Dave Eric Smith, wins the prize for most functional and creative!  And he is featured in this edition of our Do it Yourself Studio Blog!  Check out […]

How Do I Get Started In The Music Business?

You’ve put in the work.  Four years of your life spent on endless papers, tests, projects, organizations, and all night studying binges to finally prepare you for the “big day” of graduation.  Your weeks were spent studying hard and your weekends have been devoted to your true passion–Music.  No one else could possibly understand your […]

Do it Yourself Acoustic Diffusers

The biggest mistake made by home studios, and even some professional ones, is buying pre-manufactured acoustic diffusion and absorption panels that don’t fit their needs. You can create unique and specialized pieces yourself that not only make your studio sound better, but look cooler too.  One of the coolest and personalized pieces you can make […]

How To Become An Audio Engineer Without A Degree

Insiders View From Dark Horse Institute The best way to become one, is to learn from one! You will also need to develop a good set of ears, so you’ll want to study in a place that allows you do just that. Passionate audio students enroll in programs that are solely audio-focused, allowing a significant […]

Recommended Monitors and Headphones for a DIY Studio

We Answer the Your Questions: What Headphones and Monitors do we recommend for a DIY Studio? In this first installment of the Dark Horse Institute Vlog we answer a questions from Joshua Berg. Josh asked, “What headphones and monitors are best suited for a DIY Studio?” When it comes to DIY, I automatically think quality […]

Getting A Job In The Recording Industry And Keeping It

This is what everyone of us is striving for, and can be really hard to find. So how do you get the gig? There are some great words of wisdom that you can arm yourself with to make yourself better than the rest. The first great piece of advice is simply to be better than […]

Being An Audio Engineer On A Budget

I don’t need to tell you how expensive microphones are or how much recording studios cost. So how do you afford becoming an audio engineer? This can be a fun rewarding experience and starting out as an Audio Engineer on a budget can give you the opportunities to learn some very valuable life skills. One […]

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