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EQ Before or After Compression?

DIY With DHI: Which comes first? EQ or Compression? With EQ and compression being the most basic and commonly used tools in the audio engineer’s tool box, there’s often confusion when working with the two of them together. And just like the ol’ “chicken and egg” debacle, there are a few view points on whether or not […]

The Importance of Knowing your Avid Pro Tools Shortcuts

It pays to understand the importance of knowing your Avid Pro Tools shortcuts…literally! Pro Tools is the leading recording software in recording studios across the world, and isn’t going anywhere fast. Other audio recording programs like Logic, Cubase, Sonar, and Reason are still making strong cases, but you’ll only find one DAW in most pro […]

Real World: The Best Kind of Audio Engineer Training

At Dark Horse Institute, we believe that the best kind of audio engineer training is real world experience – making real records, using real gear. Our students have personal access to Pro Tools labs, 4 large format studios (with SSL, Trident, and C24 consoles), and free studio time at Dark Horse Recording. But sometimes, even […]

How to use Beat Detective Correctly and Efficiently

Beat Detective is designed to help speed up the editing process of drums. It aligns recorded tracks by cutting and nudging regions toward the grid.  There is a simple process to follow so that you may do so efficiently and correctly. Always Duplicate the playlists that you intend to edit before changing anything.  This is a […]

Focus on your Fututre: How to treat a Hobby like a Career

  Today we face many more distractions than ever.   Video Games, on demand TV, Phones and the all mighty Internet take up more of our time than ever before.  These are great and all have great resources we can utilize to build our skills, but they can also take valuable hours away from you honing […]

Build A Better Mix With Less Effort

We can spend so much time when we are mixing trying to get the perfect reverb or delay and concentrating so much on the small things that we do not remember what really makes a mix. It is easy to over use plugins and get caught up in automation and effects. A good mix starts […]

Illogical Techniques For Mixing

Are you ever mixing and you try something that logically shouldn’t work but for some reason it does? There are a lot of strange mixing techniques out there that may surprise you. Did you know you could use compression to add attack? Or that you can add distortion to give something more clarity? Or adding […]

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