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Being a Recording Arts Graduate is Anything But a Piece of Cake

“And Let us Eat Cake!” After a heartfelt commencement ceremony, the honored guests will soon realize that being a recording arts graduate is anything but a piece of cake. In fact, it’s what all graduates must do during their first year after graduation that paves the foundation for success in the music industry. Some graduates will immediately […]

Dark Horse Institute Offering Free Live Recording

Do you play an instrument and like live music? Your Friday night just got awesome, because Dark Horse Institute is offering FREE live recording during the 2015 Full Moon Pickin Parties! A few weeks ago, we did an article on Dark Horse Institute’s involvement with Friends of Warner Park and this year’s series of Full Moon […]

Dark Horse Institute Joins Full Moon Pickin Party 2015

Your guarantee for summer fun starts May 29th! Dark Horse Institute has partnered with Friends of Warner Parks for this year’s Full Moon Pickin Party events! Imagine yourself on a warm summer’s night strolling through the lights and sounds of about 2,500 of Nashville’s finest pickers – acoustic guitars, basses, banjos, mandolins, harmonicas, and more […]

Dark Horse Recording Offers Free Recording Studio Time

DIY With DHI: Studio Time It’s not exaggerating for me to say that each year, there are literally thousands of Recording Arts graduates looking for recording studio time. Here’s one of the biggest questions I get from both students and parents alike: “So…how over saturated is the market for people who do this kind of […]

Getting Connected in the Music Industry

There are plenty of stories about artists who hole up in a cabin in the middle of nowhere to discover their inner inspiration. In fact, solitude can sometimes be just what the ol creative pump needs. But what happens in between the moments of silence? I mean, what happens when you’re not making a hit, angst-filled […]

Fun Things to do Around Nashville March 13 – 19

The Nashville Sessions -By Becki Sessions Well we FINALLY got what we asked for…warmer weather BUT what we didn’t ask for was a week of RAIN! No worries. “You can’t keep a good man down!” There is SOOOO much going on this week I can’t possibly know how to fit it all in but if […]

Recording School Graduate Success Stories: Paul Rossetti

Paul Rossetti Graduation Date: November 2012 Music Industry Credits: For King and Country, MercyMe, Rush Of Fools, Phil Stacey, Jason Ingram, Ian Eskelin and David Garcia Full Bio: After graduating from Dark Horse Institute in November of 2012, Paul began pouring his heart and soul into the recording arts at Dark Horse Recording. Over the course of the […]

How to Properly Prepare for a Recording Session

There’s a myth out there that musicians can just walk into a studio with their instrument plug in and start tracking.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Honestly you will save a lot of money, stress and arguments if you plan ahead.  After all you are paying by the day or hour, why waste […]

Dark Horse Institute Student Testimonial: Paul Rossetti

Paul Rossetti- DHI Graduate Paul is from Atlanta, GA and graduated from DHI several months ago.  Since then, he has had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in Christian music. One Feature of our site and media efforts that often gets overlooked are the words of our current and former students. […]

What you can do to prepare to attend Dark Horse Institute

We often get asked “How can I prepare to attend Dark Horse Institute?”  There are a lot of ways you can prepare and come in with a leg up  to make your first couple of weeks easier.  The great thing is that there is enough online and in magazines to help you get there. Learn […]

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