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What music should I use to set up my Studio Monitors

This is a very good question we got on what is the proper music or audio to use to check placement, levels and eq on Studio Monitors.  There are a lot of CD’s out there that people use to set up rooms.  However if you don’t have the experience using these CD’s they can be […]

Demystifying Monitor Placement: How to Place Speakers in your Studio

One of the biggest puzzles and most frustrating problems Professional and Home studios have is: Where do I put the monitors?  In this Awesome Tutorial you can find out why monitors are put where.  It is not as complicated as you may think, but it’s also much more important than just putting them anywhere.  Here’s […]

DHI Staff Audio Engineer/Instructor Dave Hagen – Talking Reference Speakers

Fantastic week here at Dark Horse. A beautiful sounding choir from Uganda just stopped in to record for the morning…lots of stunning music from their homeland…mostly acappella. We’ll post a bit of video soon from their session. Here is Dave Hagen’s Audio Tip of the Week –

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