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Tutorial Tuesday: How to Get the most while Recording Vocals

   When it comes to recording vocals, there a lot of things to factor in.  Since the voice is the only instrument that can’t be blamed for sounding bad, you have to take extra care with vocalists.  From the first timer to the veteran, there are things that you as an engineer or producer can […]

Home Recording: How You Can Get a Head Start on Your Career

  Home Recording There seems to be a perception that professional studios, hate the idea of home studios.  I suppose this comes from the digital take over of everything else like newspapers, magazines and anything else you can download.  The truth is a home studio will never have the budget or flexibility of a professional […]

Microphones 101: Condensers, Dynamic and Ribbon…Oh My!

In the world of recording, there are few things as important as microphones.  There are so many factors in the outcome of a recording that depend on the microphone.  An Engineer will not only have to know where to place, what the pattern is and how the room will effect the sound, but also what […]

Do it Yourself Studio: $20 Sound GOBO at Home

We stumbled across this cool DIY after receiving requests on how to make one of these gobos.  There are a couple of ways you can do this but Dave Eric Smith, wins the prize for most functional and creative!  And he is featured in this edition of our Do it Yourself Studio Blog!  Check out […]

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