Audio engineering courses to help you achieve the recording career you've been dreaming about.
Career Development

As a graduate, we’ll help you land the audio engineering or music business job you’ve been going after

We are just as committed to your success after you graduate from DHI as the first day you walk in the door for class. Our employment placement rate is extremely high in our industry because we train our students to be the best they can be and ensure they have the resources available to put those skills to work once they enter the professional world. We’ll help you with everything from job placement and internships to creating a great resume and taking part in opportunities such as the Pilgrimage Festival and Stable sessions at DHI. Our connections in the music industry are your connections in the music industry.

Another great resource will be the ever growing list of successful Dark Horse Institute graduates. DHI graduates are passionate about this school and are often willing to help other fellow graduates with opportunities and advice. Our Student Services are happy to connect graduates and we often have group events where our alumni can get together and network.

Make no mistake, you have to work hard to make it in this industry, but with the drive to succeed and the skills you learned at Dark Horse, we can help you land the dream job you’ve been working towards.