Information For Employers

Recording Arts Employer Submissions

Dark Horse Institute for the Recording Arts has attracted the best students by offering some of the country’s most innovative and dynamic music production and sound engineering programs. It is the goal of our Career Counselor to engage the professional community by posting jobs, internship opportunities, and campus-based interviews or information sessions.

Posting Jobsconsolehands-300x208

Posting job opportunities at Dark Horse Institute is a free employer service. If you choose this option, only DHI students and eligible alumni will be able to view your posting.

Campus Interviews

Dark Horse Institute of Recording Arts welcomes employers to our campus to take part in the Campus Interview Program. If you are an employer with actual or anticipated entry-level positions in the recording arts or music production, and would like to meet with our students, please contact Sean Rogers, our Career Counselor at (615) 791-7020.

Recruitment Policies

Employers are expected to comply with Equal Employment Opportunity regulations and related legislation in their recruitment and hiring practices. Consideration should be afforded to all candidates without regard to race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin or age.

Information Sessions

Hosting an information session can be a highly effective element in your overall recruiting strategy. Through this informal forum, you can provide an industry and company overview, answer questions and share details about your company’s recruiting process. For your convenience we will make arrangements for space and equipment to accommodate auditions.