At Dark Horse Institute, we are committed to offering an unparalleled student experience.

Our award-winning Audio Engineering, Music Business, Composition and Songwriting instructors are veterans in the music industry. They have collaborated on Grammy award-winning and platinum selling albums. They have a wealth of experience in artist management, songwriting and publishing, concert promotion, touring and more. Dark Horse Institute has invested millions in studios, labs and classrooms, creating an engaging learning environment that encourages students to excel.

We encourage and challenge you to be extraordinary in every area you pursue. No matter what career path you take, your success will boil down to your ability to think with an entrepreneurial mindset, to adapt, to innovate and to take action. In each program we help you identify and break through any barriers that might be holding you back, either professionally or personally.

At Dark Horse Institute we empower our students to become job creators rather than job seekers. We are committed to delivering a transformative educational experience that will give our students the tools and resources needed to make a difference in their lives, and in our world.

Robin Crow, Founder & CEO

Robin Crow

Founder & CEO

Our Mission

We provide an unparalleled education experience by creating an environment in which students thrive, and by answering this question…


DHI’s unique model is changing the way education is conducted by creating a climate of possibility, and we do this at an affordable price.

Your Education

  • Our curriculum cuts out the fat and focuses on the skills needed to get a great job or to start your own music business.
  • You’ll master the information and technology required to succeed in your chosen field, and learn how to sell yourself to prospective employers.
  • You’ll leave Dark Horse with a résumé designed to powerfully communicate your goals and skills, and a portfolio that showcases your mastery either in the studio or the music business.
  • We keep tuition costs to the absolute minimum so that our students are not saddled with the crushing student debt normally incurred while obtaining a traditional 4-year degree.
  • We challenge our students to set personal and career goals and to charge after their vision without compromise.
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