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Most schools don’t give nearly enough attention to their students after the program is finished. But at Dark Horse Institute, we don’t just stop at providing top-quality education. Everything we do is aimed at preparing you for a career in the recording industry.

Once you complete our program, we’ll provide career guidance to you including industry-networking opportunities with production companies, performing arts halls, gear manufacturers, and other recording facilities. You’ll learn what we know—and meet who we know.

We offer the following career development services to assist you as you begin your new future in audio engineering.

Nationwide Employer Contact List

Our Career Development Assistance office is pleased to offer our graduates a unique listing of professional contacts. These personal relationships have been cultivated over many years. This list includes many recording studios, record labels, production companies, performance halls and gear manufacturers. We hope this will enhance your job search as you begin your audio engineering career.

New Resume & Cover Letter Designer

The Career Development Assistance office is here to help you design a professional resume and cover letter. A primary goal of these documents will be to communicate in detail the equipment and software you have worked with and the new skills you have acquired while studying with us for your audio engineering career.

Audio Engineering Career Opportunities Board

The Career Development Assistance office networks with many music and audio industry businesses that are happy to send us job openings they are looking to fill within their companies. As these opportunities come to us, they will be posted on our Opportunities Board and open to any student who wishes to apply. Should you see a position that catches your attention, please let Career Development Assistance know you wish to apply. We will set up a time for you to be interviewed.

Pre-Interview Session

Prior to a job interview, you may meet with our Career Development Assistance office to help you better prepare. Interviewing etiquette, such as posture, vocal intonation and eye contact will be reviewed. Typical interviewing questions will be posed to you so you can be familiar with what questions may be asked and have answers in mind that will represent you well.

Interview Follow-Up Skills

Follow-up skills after your interview are just as important as the preparation for the interview itself. Career Development Assistance can help you create a follow-up campaign that will keep you in the forefront of your interviewer’s mind. There’s a lot of competition out there. Let us help you rise to the top and stand out from the crowd in your audio engineering and music production career.

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