Dark Horse Institute Campus

The Factory at Franklin a giant multi-purpose complex, complete with motion picture sound stages, television studios, restaurants and our audio recording facilities. We boast immediate access to some of the city of Franklin’s finest shops, restaurants, entertainment, music venues, and historic locations. While Franklin is home to hundreds of daily live shows and home to many of the top artists in Country music, Nashville is a mere 20 minutes north on Interstate 65. Students can make the most of Music City and their recording school experience every day of the week!

Ten minutes from The Factory is Dark Horse Recording—the audio recording school’s birthplace. Because Dark Horse Recording was the original, and formerly primary, location for Dark Horse Institute, the audio engineering courses feature multiple, on-site days at the main studio. Students also have access to workshops, recording sessions, and even music industry networking opportunities on site at Dark Horse Recording during and after their audio engineering courses.

As a Nashville recording arts and music business school, Dark Horse Institute realizes that students come from near and far with goals to someday work in the music industry. Audio engineering students will receive constant exposure to the recording industry’s most standard audio engineering equipment. DHI is equipped with two large-format recording studios, two exclusive Pro Tools labs, and a massive, live sound recording room. Students can rest and relax in The Lounge located just outside the entrances to the two recording studios. Because Dark Horse Institute is a school full of musically-inclined people, you’ll likely find a student or two playing a little live music in the corner of The Lounge during their lunch or on a short break.

Campus Tour

Tours run Monday-Friday at 9:00 a.m. and again at 2:00 p.m. Central Time. 

All tours include an explanation of our audio program and curriculum, a video history of the school, and a tour of Dark Horse Recording Studios as well as the  Dark Horse Institute campus. The morning tour allows time to sit in on a class.

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