Music Business Program

Our music business program is a 15-week certificate program is design to fast track you through the complexities of the music industry.

Pull back the curtain on a hit song, a best-selling record and a sold-out tour and you’ll find a vast team of music business professionals who made it all happen. Sure, a successful music career is all about talent, but it’s also about the Managers, Agents, Concert Promoters, A&R Execs, Marketing Reps, Publishers, and Attorneys who work behind the scenes to make sure that everything runs like a well-oiled machine. The truth is, even a major talent is dead in the water without a talented supporting team of music business executives

The Dark Horse Institute Music Business school will take you inside the workings of the $60 billion dollar Global Music Industry. We’ll walk you through the dozens of critical jobs required to succeed in the Music Industry and prepare you for the job of your dreams.

What You'll Learn

At Dark Horse Institute our 15-week program is taught by Music Industry Professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the trenches and who know what you need to know. You’ll learn about artist management, record deals, touring, and publishing plus, all of the key contracts you need to understand to work with artists or to launch your own career as Producer, Songwriter, Recording Artist and Touring Professional.

Like our Audio Engineering program, Dark Horse Music Business is taught in an immersive, real-world setting to help you enter the world of Music Business with a competitive edge. In just three months you’ll be ready to either land a job or start your own entertainment company, plus you’ll leave here with a portfolio of projects that prove to potential employers that you’ve got both the know-how and the hands-on experience to succeed.

The Music Business Program is a 15-week, 375-hour program divided into 12 courses plus practicum.

Note: A laptop computer with Microsoft Office is required for the program.

Areas of Focus

  • The state of the music industry
  • Trans in digital marketing and distribution
  • Artist management
  • A&R and Marketing
  • Booking and touring
  • Entertainment law and finance
  • Royalties and commissions
  • Copyright and songwriting
  • Music publishing
  • Getting a job in the music industry
  • Starting your own entertainment business

Is a Career in Music Business Right for You? Find Out!

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Dark Horse Institutes, Students

Pitch Perfect

Our Music Business program will take you behind the scenes where your class will PITCH an artist to the head of a major record label and the A & R Department.

Nothing is more important than receiving hands-on, real-world experience. In our music business program, you will scout out talent which has the potential to make it big.

Here’s how it works… over the course of this program you will:

  • Search the internet and performance venues to scout out the talent you believe in
  • Help them choose one song that that could be their breakout single
  • Oversee the recording of that song at Dark Horse Institute.
  • Create a bio and press release for that artist
  • Research and build campaigns for radio stations, media, social media platforms, streaming playlists, international content, and brands
  • Oversee and participate in a photoshoot
  • Create graphics based on branding strategies
  • Help to create a lyric video and/or music video
  • Compile a thorough and professional presentation
  • Present to a major record label face to face in Nashville

You will be right there watching the artist perform for record executives, handle a Q&A session, and experience first-hand what it is like to get that big break!

Dark Horse Music Group

In this program, you’ll work with Dark Horse Music Group, a student-run recording, marketing and project management company. Using digital marketing platforms, you’ll scout and sign indie bands, and prepare them for the production of 6-song EPs recorded by our audio engineering students on-site in Franklin, TN, just outside of Nashville. You’ll also develop the web and social media marketing tools that are essential to launching a career.

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