Sound Engineering School
Audio Engineering

6 Ways to Prepare for Sound Engineering School

Since much of modern music is no longer reliant on these major studios, this can make it tricky for a new engineer or producer to figure out how to learn the basic skills and connect with solid mentorship. This is where modern audio engineering schools enter. 

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How to Become a Music Producer
Music Production

How to Become a Music Producer

Just like everything else in the industry, there is no foolproof template to follow to get work! Many (maybe even most) producers have fallen into their role by being successful in other areas.

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music producer

What do Music Producers Do?

What Music Producers do has changed over the years with the advances in music production technology and the evolution of music distribution. Here’s what that means for you.

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songwriting and music publishing

Songwriting Jobs In The Music Industry

Songwriters are the music industry’s hidden gem. Every song has a songwriter and here are six songwriting jobs in the music industry to think about.

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free online music business courses

Are Free Online Music Business Courses Worth It?

The value of free online music business courses boils down to what you aim to get out of them. Are you starting a career or just brushing up on a skill? Here’s how to get the most out of them.

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The Best DAWs For Singer-Songwriters

Finding the best DAW for songwriting can seem overwhelming. There are so many options out there and in reality they can all get it done. We’ll cover the options available to help you find what works for you.

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music royalties

Music Royalties – What Are They And How Do They Work

Whether you’re a musical artist, a songwriter, or just someone working in the music business, chances are you’ve heard the word royalties thrown around a time or two. For those who have not been exposed to the publishing world, this may be an unfamiliar topic to talk about or understand.

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Social Media

Social Media for Musicians

Over the last decade, social media has exploded. I don’t think anyone thought it would play as large of a role as it has in the modern world as we know it today. Contrary to many individuals’ personal opinions regarding the subject, social media for musicians is one of the most valuable assets for marketing.

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5 Essential Songwriting Tools

Songwriting is something that takes time. Rarely can someone just jump right in and write a catchy tune in the beginning, though it does happen from time to time. For the rest of us who enjoy writing our original music, it’s easy to come across writer’s block, especially when we partake in writing day after day. Enter songwriting tools.

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Music Industry

Music Industry Trends In The New Norm

Music Industry Trends have been deeply impacted by Covid-19. But it’s not all bad. With the declines came new opportunities and growth. Learn how you can thrive in the new norm!

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How to Write A Song

So you’re about to write your first song! Congratulations on taking the first step. Songwriting is a passion for many who are looking to turn that passion into a career. Songwriting is a very rewarding career where you can put your creativity into motion!

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