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We know that as a parent, you have a vested interest in your child’s education—and rightfully so. You want to know that they’ll be taken care of while attending school and, more importantly, well-equipped to enter the “real world” and start a successful career.

We have complete confidence that DHI is the best audio engineering program out there, and we want you to feel the same way. That’s why we’ve put together this list of answers to some of the questions you might have as the parent of a current or future student at Dark Horse Institute.

Q & A

How will Dark Horse Institute help my child get a job?

During their education at DHI, all students get valuable hands-on experience in working studios where hit records are currently being recorded. Plus, they’ll be taught by instructors who are actually successful engineers themselves. Students won’t receive this type of learning experience at any other audio recording school. But it doesn’t stop there. Our Career Services are also available to assist students in finding employment opportunities after graduation or during the course of their studies. Resources include a listing of Dark Horse Recording’s professional contacts, resume and cover letter design, pre-interview preparation, post-interview follow-up and audio engineering job listings. See our Career Development page for more information.

Who are some of the artists that have recorded at Dark Horse?

The creative vibe and inspiring environment here at Dark Horse Institute have drawn many of the world’s top artists, who have recorded Gold and Platinum albums right here in our studios. Check out some of them!

Are there opportunities for tutoring in the recording arts?

Tutoring is available to students upon request. Ongoing support as well as temporary tutoring assistance for a specific subject is available. Tutors are experienced staff and in some cases, more advanced students who are recommended by instructors as having strong comprehension of the recording arts and music production.

What have other students said about your Audio Engineering Program?

We’ve received a lot of feedback from students about what they’ve gained from Dark Horse Institute. Check out our Graduate Spotlight page to see for yourself.

Can I visit the Dark Horse Institute campus with my child?

Yes! We encourage parents to be involved in the decision-making process. If you’ll be assisting financially with the education, we also require that one or both parents join the student to meet with the admissions representative. Get more information on scheduling a visit to Dark Horse Institute, as well as directions to our campus and a Nashville visitor’s guide.

What housing options are available?

In partnership with ExtendedStayHotels of America, DHI offers housing opportunities at any of three convenient locations near our campus. Some of the features in-room include: fully equipped kitchens including cookware, silverware, coffee maker and free coffee, on-site laundry, oversized workspace, maid service (weekly), and Wi-Fi availability. Get more information on housing options.

Where are the nearest doctors and health care clinics?

There are many reputable hospitals and health care clinics within a short drive of our campus. Students needing health care may see our Institutional Director for assistance finding health care facilities to meet our needs. Being that we are located near Nashville, there are no limitations on the type of doctor or health care available. Hospitals nearby include Vanderbilt, St. Thomas, Baptist and Centennial, just to name a few.

What other conveniences are available in the area?

Within 10 minutes of Dark Horse Institute are downtown Franklin and Cool Springs. Franklin, a charming small town, is home to many boutique stores, restaurants, coffee shops, the post office, and many special events and festivals. In Cool Springs, you’ll find every conceivable big-box store, restaurant, a 20-screen movie theater and the largest mall in the area.

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