5 MORE Free Plugins!


It’s our favorite blog post, sharing free Pro-Tools plugins with you guys! If you missed our original post a few months back with free plugins here it is: 5 FREE Plugins We Love Now let’s get started with our newest bunch:

Blue Cat Free Plugin Bundle, EQ, Overdrive Chorus

Blue Cat Audio Plugin Pack II

Actually, how about a free plug-in BUNDLE. Blue Cat audio offers a bundle of 6 really useful plugins for $0. The FreqAnalyst frequency analysis plugin (there’s no frequency analysis plugin that comes with Pro Tools) and 3-band EQ plugin are worth downloading by themselves, let alone bundled with 4 other plugins. Download here:Blue Cat’s Plug-ins Pack II



Sample Tank Custom Shop

Need some more virtual instruments? Sure you do! IK Multimedia, known for their line of iRig interfaces for iPads and iPhones and Amplitube amp plugin, also makes a great virtual instrument library with MIDI patterns. Bonus feature, along with the usual pianos, string and synth sounds, it also comes with EDM and hip hop samples. Download here: Sample Tank Custom Shop



Metric Halo Thump

Want that big low end on your kick but didn’t get it when you recorded? EQ not giving you what you want. This free plugin is for you. It’s basically an audio processor/synthesizer that analyzes the track you put it on and synthesizes low frequency audio to add low end. Add some sick low end to your kick or bass track. Mix engineers have been doing this process for years, triggering a basic low frequency generator with a kick through a side-chain to get that sub low-end. Now you can just throw this plugin on your track, tweak and let it do all the work. Really cool for metal and hip-hop tracks. Download here:Metric Halo Thump



So TAL is a plugin company that makes vintage synth emulations, including a mean Juno 60 virtual instrument. You can get a little piece of that for free with their Juno chorus emulation. Believe me when I tell you the Juno chorus is COVETED among mix engineers. It’s just got this big fat vibe few other choruses and touch. It really shines on synth bass tracks. Need that monosynth bass to sound huge? Put this chorus plugin on it. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Try it yourself. Download here:TAL Chorus LX


TDR Proximity

TDR stands for Tokyo Dawn Records, as in, a record label. But it’s a record label that also makes their own plugins. Kinda crazy until you think about EMI Records, who owned studios that made their own outboard gear in-house that The Beatles recorded on. Gear that has now been turned into plugin versions, by the way. Regardless, TDR is creating a bunch of really nice free plugins. Including this one, Proximity. Recorded something close up but want it to sound far-away without adding reverb? This plug-in is for you. Download here:TDR Proximity

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