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Recording Studio Equipment: Stop Paying For Hype

Recording Studio Equipment: Stop Paying For Hype

When it comes to recording studio equipment, it’s easy to get bit by the bug, but are you are really just paying for the hype? If you are into recording your own music, there’s no doubt you have found yourself pages deep on Sweetwater or Gear Slutz looking for the next big thing to take your […]

Spitfire’s Hans Zimmer Percussion Library

If you are a movie score nerd like I am there are a few sounds that make your heart flutter: John Williams’ Brass, Ennio Morricone’s Strings and Hans Zimmer’s Percussion.  As a Composer and songwriter myself, I am also always on the look out for high quality affordable VST’s and Samples.   Although a product […]

Gear We Love: Auralex MoPAD Monitor Isolation Pads

Did you know that your monitors are the most critical components in your studio?  The sound can change greatly depending on what surface the monitors are placed on.  So our friends at Auralex have the solution.  It’s by no means a new product but one we love none the less. The MoPad is designed to […]

Gear We Love: Genelec 8010 Studio Monitor

Space in our studios has become a valuable commodity.  Home Studios, Vans and portable studios are becoming more prevalent due to advances in technology making it easier to take everything you need with you.  One area that remained a problem was lugging around heavy, expensive and delicate monitors.  The Genelec 8010 has made that a […]

Talking Acoustics with Auralex President Eric Smith

  We are lucky enough to have Auralex as a sponsor at Dark Horse Institute, if you are unfamiliar with Auralex, they are the premier manufacturer of acoustical treatments in the world.  Our studios at the Institute have Auralex everywhere you turn.  We are also very lucky and grateful to have the President of Auralex, […]

Professional Gear on an Amateur’s Budget: KORG nanoKontrol2

Some people cringe at the mention of the Korg nanoSeries2, I however, beam! I first found the original nanoKontrol when it was released in 2008 when looking for an affordable mixer controller.  I’ll be honest, it was the cheapest on the market and it’s all I could afford, but that’s what this blog is about! […]

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