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Music Business: How Playlists Have Become The New Secret Weapon For Exposure

Music Business: How Playlists Have Become The New Secret Weapon For Exposure HOW PLAYLISTS HAVE BECOME THE NEW SECRET WEAPON FOR EXPOSURE

Whether you manage a band or artist or you are the artist yourself, you’re probably after one thing: more exposure for your music. I was catching up with a friend of mine the other day who works at Warner Records here in Nashville. As we started talking about new music and discovering new artists he […]

CNN Visits Dark Horse Recording

CNN recently visited Dark Horse Recording to see the recording studio behind some of the biggest albums by Taylor Swift, Faith Hill, Relient K, Tim McGraw, Matchbox 20, For King And Country and many more. The article also features one of the many new artists who come to Dark Horse to find the inspiration that has channeled countless hit songs. Robin […]

Dark Horse Institute Offering Free Live Recording

Do you play an instrument and like live music? Your Friday night just got awesome, because Dark Horse Institute is offering FREE live recording during the 2015 Full Moon Pickin Parties! A few weeks ago, we did an article on Dark Horse Institute’s involvement with Friends of Warner Park and this year’s series of Full Moon […]

Dark Horse Institute Joins Full Moon Pickin Party 2015

Your guarantee for summer fun starts May 29th! Dark Horse Institute has partnered with Friends of Warner Parks for this year’s Full Moon Pickin Party events! Imagine yourself on a warm summer’s night strolling through the lights and sounds of about 2,500 of Nashville’s finest pickers – acoustic guitars, basses, banjos, mandolins, harmonicas, and more […]

Fun Things to do Around Nashville This Week

The Nashville Sessions -by Becki Sessions After an unusual month of weather here in February we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of SPRING here at DHI. It’s easy to get a little seasonal depression when its cold and gloomy, but luckily there are always plenty of fun things to do around Nashville this week! With […]

Nashville Music Production School Launches $15,000 “Battle of the Bands” Recording Contest

Dark Horse Institute, a 17-week school for Music Production and Audio Recording, announces the $15,000 “Battle of the Bands” talent contest. The winning group or band will record at the acclaimed Dark Horse Recording, in the same studio used by artists such as Taylor Swift, Relient K, The Fray, and many more Gold and Platinum […]

Music Business Monday: Re-hashing Hashtags

Hashtags are awesome.  If you don’t think so you probably aren’t using them right.  I’ve covered it a couple times in passing but hashtags are the little # before a word, used mostly in Social Networking.  But can now be found through google searches.  You can see hashtags everywhere from TV shows to churches, and […]

How #MusicMonday can help you gain Fans

How many of you have seen the #musicmonday hashtags?  Did you know that Music Mondays can actually help you gain fans? Here’s the Breakdown: #MusicMonday is a hashtag that people use to share music, most of it is not theirs.  Meaning it is fans sharing what they are listening to or enjoy.  If you aren’t […]

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