How To Record a 6-song EP in 10 Days

How To Record 6 Songs in 10 Days

In this video, Grammy-winning audio engineer and Dark Horse Institute instructor, Steve Lamm, takes us through the entire 10-day process of recording a 6-song EP from start to finish.

One of the great things about studying Audio Engineering at Dark Horse Institute is that you get the opportunity to record two 6-song EPs for two different live bands. From recording to overdubbing, editing, mixing and mastering, it’s all hands-on.

On Day 1 it’s all about set up in either our world class SSL or Trident large format studios. We choose the right microphones for each instrument, run cables, set up the patch bay, label the console and set up the Pro Tools session.

On Day 2 we load in the band, set up the gear and begin getting great sounds. Then it’s time to track a few songs.

On Day 3 we finish up tracking and begin overdubs, adding more guitars, keys and percussion.

On Day 4 we do a “mic shoot-out” to determine the best microphone to use for lead vocals and then start recording. We go for several complete takes, focusing on the emotional delivery of the song so that we can later go back and comp one perfect performance.

On Day 5 we do any final overdubs including background vocals, gang vocals and extra percussion, and then back everything up so we’re ready to edit and mix.

Day 6 we move into our editing suite and start listening through the tracks, looking for any timing and tuning issues we may want to deal with. This is when we learn to use plug-ins like Beat Detective, Elastic Audio and Trigger to get everything just right.

On Days 8 and 9 it’s all about mixing. We’ll adjust the levels of all the individual tracks, add some EQ, delays and reverbs, compression and learn how to use automation.

On Day 10 we do a lot of listening to our edits and mixes to make sure everything’s just right, and then we master the final 2-track stereo mix to get it ready for distribution.

At Dark Horse, we believe the best way to learn about Audio Engineering is to actually do it! You can study all the books and online tips you want, but you can’t beat actually getting to make a record from start to finish with a live band.

If you found this video helpful, maybe attending Dark Horse Institute is right for you. Check out both our 17-week Audio Engineering program and our 12-week Music Business program at, and schedule a tour of our studios and classrooms just outside of Nashville in beautiful Franklin, Tennessee.

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