Tech Tuesday—Create Killer Sounds Using a Guitar Amp Simulator and Universal Audio Plugins

Create Killer Souds Using a Guitar Amp Simulator

Amp Simulators and UAD Plugins

In this video, Steve Lamm, Grammy winner and instructor at Dark Horse Institute, dives into creating the best guitar sounds using an amp simulator and Universal Audio plugins.

Think you need a ton of amps and a huge studio to achieve guitar sound greatness? The answer is no. In this episode Steve answers the age old question, how do I get a great guitar sound? He covers the latest technology by Universal Audio, including the Friedman and Marshall Amplifier Collection, Ocean Way Studios, Neve Eq Collection and API’s Vision Channel Strip Plugins. He dives into easy ways to compensate for processing latency and how to quickly eliminate unwanted phasing in your sounds. In less than 5 minutes you will take away very practical techniques to creating killer guitar tones.


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