4 Music Business Articles You Should Read – Mar 18 2016


What’s Next for Music Streaming?

Music streaming increased 100% from 2014 to 2015 and show no signs of stopping. The conversation continues to dominate the music business. Dave Van Dyke makes some well-informed predictions on the future of streaming, including Pandora’s big moves outside of streaming, increased revenues overall (that will hopefully be passed on to the artists!) and other big moves that might happen.

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6 People Who Can Introduce You To Pro Songwriters

Nashville is known as a “songwriter’s town”. Nowhere else in the country, perhaps the world, is the co-write so widely valued. The big problem is how to find great co-writers and write that number 1 hit. The people who will lead you to great songwriters may not be who you think…

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Spotify inks “no copyright claim” royalty deal with music publishers

Speaking of streaming and royalties, Spotify settled a suite this week with the National Music Publishers’ Association with a give and take. Spotify has agreed to allow publishers and songwriters to claim and receive royalties from the streaming service more easily, including creating a royalty “bonus fund” in return for copyright holders giving up their ability to make an infringement claim against the company.

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Terry Manning On photographing MLK, Recording with Chris Bell, and Being Stabbed by Stevie Nicks

And for a little behind-the-scenes music history, a great interview with Terry Manning, famed engineer, producer and photographer of a diverse collection of aritsts like Led Zeppelin, Isaac Hayes, Staples Singers, Iron Maiden and more. He discusses everyone from artists he’s worked with to enginering at both Stax and Ardent studios and being right in the middle of the the Civil Rights movement.

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