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Building the Nashville Dream

Student Life at Dark Horse Institute I love seeing the Nashville Dream shining bright in the eyes of new students at Dark Horse Institute on their first day. Every time a new class starts, I’m always a little bit curious what each student will do with the 3 and half months they spend as audio […]

Dark Horse Recording Offers Free Recording Studio Time

DIY With DHI: Studio Time It’s not exaggerating for me to say that each year, there are literally thousands of Recording Arts graduates looking for recording studio time. Here’s one of the biggest questions I get from both students and parents alike: “So…how over saturated is the market for people who do this kind of […]

Dark Horse Institute: Audio Engineering Instructors

So you enjoy music production? Maybe you’re in a band and you really wish that you could achieve more recording on your own; after all, you’ve got the ears right? Or maybe you’ve been plugging away in your home studio for years, slowly honing your skills by watching YouTube engineer all-stars like Graham from The Recording Revolution […]

EQ Before or After Compression?

DIY With DHI: Which comes first? EQ or Compression? With EQ and compression being the most basic and commonly used tools in the audio engineer’s tool box, there’s often confusion when working with the two of them together. And just like the ol’ “chicken and egg” debacle, there are a few view points on whether or not […]

Fun Things to do Around Nashville March 27 – April 2

The Nashville Sessions -By Becki Sessions Pic of the Week: Hey Friends! Welcome to another week of The Nashville Sessions! Spring has finally decided to stick around and when the weather is nice, you can count on the fact that I’ll probably be at a show. Check out all the things going on this week […]

What’s Wrong With my Mix?

Any audio engineer has asked the question, “What’s wrong with my mix?” at some point during the course of a project. But while that’s an extremely loaded question, there’s an easy place to start. In a previous DIY With DHI post, we discussed Acoustic Treatments for Your Home Recording Studio, and how easy it can be […]

Fun Things to do Around Nashville March 13 – 19

The Nashville Sessions -By Becki Sessions Well we FINALLY got what we asked for…warmer weather BUT what we didn’t ask for was a week of RAIN! No worries. “You can’t keep a good man down!” There is SOOOO much going on this week I can’t possibly know how to fit it all in but if […]

How to Get A Huge Kick Drum Sound

What does this look like to you? To the average eye, this probably looks like a mess. Clutter. A stack of mattresses maybe? How about the obvious: a drum set and a ton of foam? Whatever the average eye sees, the recording studio enthusiast sees opportunity, promise, and experimentation. This is a drum set and some […]

Fun Things to do Around Nashville This Week

The Nashville Sessions -by Becki Sessions After an unusual month of weather here in February we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of SPRING here at DHI. It’s easy to get a little seasonal depression when its cold and gloomy, but luckily there are always plenty of fun things to do around Nashville this week! With […]

Leaked Britney Spears Track is Real…Probably

Was the leaked Britney Spears track before Autotune Real? Yesterday the social media and interwebs blew up with the “leaked Britney Spears track before Autotune”.  The track disappeared from existence after about an hour.  But it’s still floating around. Britney Spears – Alien NO AUTOTUNE by dioguinhoblog I’m not posting the video to add fuel to […]

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