Free AAX Plugin From Softube

If you have upgraded or bought Pro Tool 10 in the past year you have probably heard of the new plugin format, AAX. AAX stands for Avid Audio eXtension and it is suppose to create and easier workflow between HDX and native versions of Pro Tools. Softube is one of the first third party companies to release AAX plugins and they even have one for free! If you have not heard of Softube before you should definitely check out their website They make some pretty amazing emulation plugins of vintage Tube-Tech gear, Summit Audio, and some cool amp emulations as well. The free plugin they are offering is called Saturation Knob. I had a chance to download it and check it out and it does exactly that. Its simple one knob design makes it easy to add a touch of warmth or aggressive analogue sounding distortion to your tracks. I could see this being a handy tool to have when mixing in the box and could be fun to layer with a compressor or eq.

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