Hired! DHI Student Graduates Friday, Starts Work Monday

You're Hired
David Chasteen
DHI Graduate: David Chasteen
Employer: Clair Brothers Nashville
Position: Technician

Not every college student has the opportunity to experience immediate results from their education, David Chasteen was fortunate enough to graduate from Dark Horse Institute on a Friday and start his first day of work the following Monday. Even better, his first job in the music industry is a tech position with Clair Brothers Nashville, a division Clair Global, the most awarded company in the live touring and sound industry worldwide and highly regarded for its work in supporting the top touring bands and artists.

He’ll also be working closely with many departments at Clair to assist clients, bands, and artists with piecing together their touring rig and sound system set up. In a nutshell, David will be working everyday with music industry veterans that have put on thousands of shows over the last 40 years from Miranda Lambert to Katy Perry and Elton John to American Idols Live. With his foot in the door, he’ll have a lot of opportunity to move up.

David took our Audio Engineering Program and from Day 1 utilized every opportunity to gain experience with our equipment and take part in any project that came his way. “My favorite part about Dark Horse was how hands on everything was,” David explains, “we jumped right in and never looked back!” Combine the technical experience he learned at DHI with his positive attitude and go-to-personality (David never missed an opportunity to volunteer at Dark Horse events as well), you get a recipe for success. Congratulations on your hard work and accomplishments, David!

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