Home Studio Mistakes you are Probably Making

We love Home Studio.  I know that sound like Taylor Swift saying she loves Kanye, but we are realistic and believe Home Recording and Professional Studios can live hand and hand.   I came across this blog by Graham and the Recording Revolution (who if you don’t read and follow you should.)  He explains what the 3 biggest mistakes home studios are making.  Coming from a professional studio we have both feet in the water, after all we are just a really big and expensive home studio.  I personally have a home studio in my house.  I love it!  I have access to a professional one, but the home one is great for many reasons and actually find that I even often make these 3 home studio mistakes.

Take a look at Graham’s video and we’ll put in our two cents.

1. Don’t try to be a Pro Studio:  I personally know guys that spend hundreds of thousands of dollars buying top of the line, studio quality gear and they put it in their spare bedroom.  I ask them sometimes how many times they have used it and they’ll say, “I don’t want to break it.”  This is like buying a sports car that you keep in the garage.  Why not by several practical cars then?  With Gear today, you can purchase several less expensive, flexible and replaceable for your studio at a fraction of the price of one vintage compressor.

Even we have trouble sometimes getting just the right sound with that equipment and we are in a finely tuned environment.  You’re closet booth doesn’t need a $10,000 reverb.  In fact, I find it fun to try and get a good deal on a piece of gear and challenge myself to use it in as many ways as I can.

2. Be a Professional Studio:  The best way to state this is to treat your hobby like your job.  Even if it’s purely a hobby, make a schedule for yourself, plan ahead and use your time as if you are paying for it (you just may if your significant other starts complaining about the time you spend in there, sorry honey!)  The point is, if you figure out ahead of time how many hours a week, month and year you will spend this will make it easier to schedule things around while staying productive.  One trick I do is use a dry erase board with my progress, schedule, deadlines and notes on it.  I love my board, it keeps me on task and gives my angry fiance (I call here my Producer) an idea of what I’m actually doing and why I’m spending so much time in there.

Also Schedule anyone that is coming in to record for you, give them specific times so they are out when they should be and keeping you on task.

Create Deadlines!  Creative people are constantly changing things, give yourself deadlines to prevent the neverending project.  I will create deadlines for composition, mixing, and mastering as well as album art, marketing info and even blogging.  You will have to adjust your schedule to get stuff done in time, but it will make you work smarter and simpler.  I also even leave a spot for “The Producer/Fiance” to listen and give me notes.  It’s great honest feedback.

Long story short, booking your own studio will make you more productive and appreciate the time more.

3. Have Fun: It’s always incredible seeing a person walk in to Dark Horse with a fire in their eyes, determination and a little fear.  That’s what makes it fun.  Try new things, have special drinks and snacks for your “Studio Time”.  Almost every session we have will order out for food, bring some special treats and drinks.  I have a mini fridge in mine that I keep stocked with special drinks that I only allow myself to have when I work in there.  This keeps me from going out into the “Producer’s” office and her distracting me.

Make this time special and have fun doing it.

Overall, whether you want to make a profit on your home studio or just tinker around, following these 3 rules will make it more enjoyable, productive and affordable.

What are some tips or tricks that you use with your own studio to abide by these rules?

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