Music Business Monday—How to Get Gigs

How To Get Gigs

In this video, Robin Crow, founder and CEO of Dark Horse Institute, talks about how to get gigs and why they are important.

Building Your Following With Gigs Is A Must.

Getting in front of a live audience is the best way to promote yourself and build loyalty. You can book gigs yourself, or you can hire a Booking Agent to take care of the many details. An added advantage to having a Booking Agent is they can leverage their network to get you hired. There are 6 things you’ll need to cover in order to get gigs.


1. You need to identify the promoters who work with acts like yours.
2. Investigate each market for opportunities with radio, press, and retail.
3. Inform and inspire promotors with great websites, videos, Social Media and email campaigns.
4. Instigate Communication with promoters by creating a great pitch.
5. Negotiate terms that work for both you and the promoter.
6. Coordinate details to ensure success, both creatively and financially.

Remember, nothing sells records and builds careers like an expertly planned and executed live concert tour.

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