Music Business Monday—How to Get A Booking Agent

How to get a booking agent

In this week’s edition of Music Business Monday, Robin Crow, founder and CEO of Dark Horse Institute, talks about how to get a booking agent.

After booking yourself, it might be time to get a Booking Agent.

Once you’ve developed a local and regional following, it might be time to get a booking agent. The really good ones spend their days and night getting you gigs for a commission. They come in once you’ve established a good social media presence answering these questions: 1. What do you sound like? 2. What do you look like?
3. What’s your story?

There are 3 critical steps to getting agents to come see you perform a showcase to help get you signed by the right booking agent. First, rehearse like crazy! Next, book the right venue and when its time, get it in writing.

What things should be covered in a booking agreement? Listen up, they are all important! The term, the territory, the scope and lastly the compensation

Touring can be the best or worst part of being an artist. It’s all about getting the right team!

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