Two Recent Grads Hired By United Record Press, Local Venues

Two Students Hired By United Record Press

united-buildingWe are proud to share that not one, but two Dark Horse Institute recording graduates have recently been hired by United Record Pressing here in Nashville. We are proud to have two of our graduates working at such a prominent music business here in Music City.

Kristofer Jedd and Alex DeVor have landed positions in quality control at United Records. In this position, they ensure that all of the vinyl records sent out are kept up to industry standards in terms of audio quality and product quality. They eventually havee the opportunity move their way up as a mixing engineer for vinyl mastering as well as possibly being able to work their vintage recording console which has quite some history behind it.

In addition to his position at United Record Pressing, Kristofer has been working with bands on the side, keeping up his activity in the audio production world. On reflecting on his time at Dark Horse Institute, Kristofer told us, “Dark Horse helped from day one, leading to success with getting this United Record Pressing job and every other music related endeavor of mine. Not only am I getting great experience from the knowledge I gained at DHI, I’m also making great relationships with amazing people.”

Kristofer Jedd
Alex DeVor

In addition to working at United, Alex was also asked to come aboard at venues Cafe Coco and The East Room to assist with their sound management and live sound engineering. Alex said that Dark Horse “…really helped to prepare me for the real world of audio engineering. The skills I learned there are invaluable!” He’s also working with bands on the side and recording his own album.

The skills they learned at Dark Horse Institute, combined with their ability to go out and make connections was combination for success. We’re proud of these guys and look forward to see how they progress through the music industry.

If you’re a DHI grad and have a success story you’d like to share, please email us at or call our number below. We’d love to hear from you.

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