Video: Setting Up Templates In Pro Tools To Speed Up Your New Sessions

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Starting new sessions in Pro Tools can be slow and tedious, especially if you suddenly have a big idea you want to lay down or a client waiting to start a new recording. If you’ve checked out our two previous videos (Using Shortcuts to Set Up New Tracks and Using Shortcuts to Set Up Aux Sends) you’ve learned the basics of setting up a Pro Tools session and how to do it quickly with shortcut keys. Here’s the next step, setting up templtes This video puts those concepts together to show you how to setup your Pro Tools templates so you can get up and running with your new sessions even more quickly.

This is just one of our Pro Tools instructional videos taught by our recording engineers. Each video in this series will take you along the workflow process, guiding you through setting up your session, recording, editing and mixing all while teaching you valuable keyboard shortcuts along the way. Check out our YouTube channel for additional videos showing you audio engineering tips and tricks.

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