4 Music Business Articles You Should Read – 4-8-16

4 Music Business Articles You Should Read

The global downturn in the music industry may finally be over

Exciting news! A major investment bank has declared the music industry is back on track, at least in Sweden and Norway. But, the gist is that these countries are leading the way for the future of the music industry, and that’s not a crazy idea being that Spotify, one of the biggest industry game-changers, was started in Sweden. The hopeful news is that subscriptions to streaming services are bringing revenues back up to where they once were. Hopefully, the next step will hopefully be getting those revenues to the music creators. More on that in our next article.

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Producers, Mixers and Engineers to Get Digital Royalties in New House Bill

A new bill in the U.S. House of Representatives is being introduced in Congress this week that would give producers, engineers and mixers a guaranteed percentage of royalties for music they’ve worked on. Traditionally, royalties had to be negotiated with the artists and most engineers and mixers never got a percentage at all.

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3 Instagram Analytics Tools for Marketers

You’ve probably heard by now about Instagram changing their algorithm to change what people see at the top of their feed. Everyone is looking to up their social media game, here are some tools that give you data on how well each of your posts do. After a while, you’ll start to see what kinds of posts (and the times you post them) get you the most likes and comments. You can then change how you post to get the most views and likes.

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Relying on Social Media? Please Don’t.

Alright, after we just got done telling you about the importance of social media, here’s an article about why you shouldn’t allow it to make you lazy. Social media does not cover all the promotional ground. There are still many other bases that need to be covered, from E-mails, to posters, to word of mouth and other promotional channels.

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