Your Guide To The Black Friday Plugin Sales


Waves Audio, Universal Audio, Slate Digital, Soundtoys, Plugin AllianceIt’s the most dangerous time of the year…when all the plugin manufacturers have their big Black Friday sales. So much temptation! The plugin companies get pretty competitive with their sales so if you’ve had your eye on a plugin or two, this is the time to get it. We take no responsibility for your bank account! Many of these sales will go all weekend but some are one day only so be sure to read the fine print. Here’s your guide to some our favorites, many of the same companies we featured in our

Slate Digital

Slate keeps shaking up the plugin industry with great plugins at great prices. Now those prices are even better. The great deal here is their bundle subscription which offers many of their existing plugins and ones to be released throughout the year for only $199. Add their LX480 Lexicon Reverb Emulation Plugin and the bundle is $249. The rest of the Slate plugins are on sale for any 2 plugins for $199. One additional note, if you’ve been needing the iLok, this is the best place to get one. Buy any plugin and add $20 for an iLok. They’re usually closer to $50 everywhere else. Get it:

Universal Audio

UAD has really gained a lot followers in the past few years and for good reason. But as a result, they haven’t discounted their plugins as much as some others, it’s good to be the king. Still, their plugins rarely go on sale so if you’ve been eyeing a plugin or two, now is the time to get many of them up to 50% off. Our recommendation is to go for their Unison preamps and channel strips. Coupled with their hardware preamps they do a great job at recreating some of the classics. Get it:


Soundtoys makes the indispensable Decapitator and Echoboy plugins in addition to many many other great plugins. This weekend they have all of their plugins on sale for $59-$99 but the great deal is their Ultimate Effect Rack, which is essentially all 18 of their plugins for $299. So if you’ve been eyeing two or more of their plugins it might just be worth spending a little extra to get all of the plugins Soundtoys offers. Get

Plugin Alliance

Plugin Alliance carries Brainworx and SPL plugins asa well as a lot cool plugins by sometimes lesser known manufacturers. They’ve been doing a month long “Black Friday” sale so we’re actually into week 3 here. They have some useful plugins discounted down to $9 a plugin. It’s definitely worth grabbing plugins from the Brainworx line, which specializes in mid/side processing (great for mastering) and the SSL Transient Designer, a plugin that numerous pro mix engineers swear by. Get it:

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