Why Billy Ray Cyrus is a Genius

Before you stop reading and never come back, hear me out!

If you are not aware of it, Billy Ray Cyrus (Yes, Miley’s Dad) just released a new version of his one hit wonder “Achy Breaky Heart”.  It is exactly as bad as you would think.  Don’t believe me?  Take a look.  Slightly NSFWish.

Personally, I think he’s a genius.  Here is why:

Mr. Ray Cyrus has sat back and watch his daughter stay relevant based on her online PR wreckage (no pun intended).  He saw how fast  things move online.  Don’t believe me again?  The video as of posting this blog is about 50, 000 views short of a million.  The video was posted less than 24 hours ago.   By the time you read this, it will almost certainly be 1 million views in 1 day.  This is reminiscent of the original release of “Achy Breaky Heart”.  He came out of no where and stuck around.

Secondly, Billy knows that he won’t write another big hit, he embraces his mediocrity and irrelevance.  What he also knows is that songs like “Thrift Shop”, “Gangnam Style”, “Harlem Shake”, “What does the Fox Say” and countless others have blown up in the same way.  Whether it was his idea or Buck 22’s it is perfect.  It’s just catchy enough to dance to.  What DJ isn’t downloading this song right now?  What Radio Station isn’t picking it up?

Lastly, We know that Album sales account for nothing now these days, compared to the past, he’s not looking to get rich by putting it out, he’s trying to create a stir.  A stir he has created. Just like Miley, he is dominating every single social media stream that is tired of broadcasting the Olympics.  He just woke the internet up and is letting everyone who has been saying, “Where is Billy Ray while Miley is mayor of Crazytown?” know he is still around.

So before you say it’s dumb, or just what is he trying to do?  He’s already doing it, and by reading this blog, it just solidifies that fact.  Most people get 15 minutes of fame, he’s had about 45 minutes.

Just a note, while writing this blog (about 10 minutes) the video just broke 1 million views.

Well played Billy Ray, Well played.


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