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DHI Student Life: Interview with Trae Rudd

We sat down with current student, Trae Rudd to ask a few questions about his Dark Horse Institute experience so far. What’s it like to be a student at Dark Horse Institute? Trae: It’s like a big ball of fun every day! (laughs) I love that recording concepts and skills are slowly added on throughout the […]

Recording School Graduate Success Stories: Paul Rossetti

Paul Rossetti Graduation Date: November 2012 Music Industry Credits: For King and Country, MercyMe, Rush Of Fools, Phil Stacey, Jason Ingram, Ian Eskelin and David Garcia Full Bio: After graduating from Dark Horse Institute in November of 2012, Paul began pouring his heart and soul into the recording arts at Dark Horse Recording. Over the course of the […]

How to get Freelance Audio Work Online

There is a lot of freelance audio work to be had online if you know where to look.  Audio Engineers and Audio professionals often overlook these great opportunities because they aren’t full time or in studio positions.  These sites offer you a way to either take some work to fill the gaps or work freelance […]

Start Your Music Business With $30

The Music Industry is changing.  Trained audio engineers can make more working on their own than as a staff engineer at a studio.  It’s easier today to build your own company and credits from your bedroom than ever before.  This is because technology is advancing, freelancing is profitable and demand is on the rise.  Contrary […]

What Does A Video Game Sound Designer Do?

You’re on a boat with the other soldiers, you hear the motor of the vessel you are in, the other guys breathing, the waves splashing on the hull as the boat bounces.  The boat grinds to a halt and BOOM!  There is an explosion that literally rocks your living room. I love video games, I […]

DHI Graduate Jorge Bannister Lands Gig in Rhode Island

Many people think that studying Music Production or Audio Engineering means you have to find a job in a studio.  This couldn’t be further from the truth, in fact, front of house jobs are in high demand not only IN the US, but around the globe! We had the opportunity to catch up with one […]

How to Make Money offering Music Services

Home studios have obviously sprung up like dandelions with the accessibility of affordable and high quality gear.  So have musicians recording in their closets and basements.  So why aren’t you capitalizing off of it?  You can make money offering music services that these home recording musicians can’t do themselves. What you offer is up to […]

10 Ways to be an Indispensable Assistant Engineer

The Assistant Engineer (or 2nd Engineer) is the person who does everything the engineer should do but doesn’t have time for.  It’s a specialized skill that will be a huge step in your climb to head engineer.  The great thing about being an assistant is that you will typically have the chance to work with […]

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