How to get Freelance Audio Work Online

There is a lot of freelance audio work to be had online if you know where to look.  Audio Engineers and Audio professionals often overlook these great opportunities because they aren’t full time or in studio positions.  These sites offer you a way to either take some work to fill the gaps or work freelance audio entirely!


Elance is not a new site but many skilled audio professionals are unaware of it.  Elance let’s you create a profile, add you skills, take “tests” and bid on projects.  If you are willing to be flexible with your price, you can find work from all around the world that you can do from home.

This is a site where people with a certain need will post their odd jobs or full projects that need completed.  How much they are willing to pay and a brief description of your needs.  The more work you complete and higher ranking you get the more visible and trusted you are on elance.

Membership is free and you can “apply” for 40 jobs a month for free.  You can however boost your presence and “Contacts” by paying a little more a month.  The standard small business program starts at $30 a month.


Thumbtack is very similar to Elance.  It is free to join, however you have to pay to bid on jobs.  This is a great way to advertise.  It’s also a great place to FIND someone that has a skill you do not.  If you excel at mixing but not mastering, you can find the best offer on thumbtack and subcontract an individual yourself.


Ah Craigslist!  Craigslist is often seen as a dead end, but most people are looking for full time jobs and are often in the wrong category.  Most people looking for freelancers will post in the “Gigs” section.  Also remember that someone looking for a service may not know exactly where to post, so check out the “Creative” and “Talent” and post an ad on the “Services” section.

Of course you can post and contact people for free on Craigslist.

So give these unconventional methods a try, may be very surprised!


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