Spitfire’s Hans Zimmer Percussion Library

If you are a movie score nerd like I am there are a few sounds that make your heart flutter: John Williams’ Brass, Ennio Morricone’s Strings and Hans Zimmer’s Percussion.  As a Composer and songwriter myself, I am also always on the look out for high quality affordable VST’s and Samples.   Although a product that has been out for a few months, I recently discovered the new Hans Zimmer Percussion Library by Spitfire.  If you do not know the name Hans Zimmer you certainly know his work which is a crammed with blockbusters and scores that sometimes outshine the films themselves.  Some of his works include the Dark Knight Rises, Inception, The Da Vinci Code, and Pirates of the Caribbean to name a few.

The epic, fullness of Hans’ percussion is not his only trademark, but is so recognizable that it is often imitated and recreated with less success.  The sheer fact that this library exists is almost unfathomable, much like Da Vinci releasing a paint by numbers kits, or Ford creating a build your own Mustang.  Not only is the library epic, but so was the recording of the samples which boasted 96 microphones (Only because the board had 96 channels) recorded at London’s Air Studios.

I can talk about it or you can check out Spitfire’s Hans Zimmer Percussion Library video below:

I have yet to actually use the product (maybe Spitfire will lend me one!) but the reviews have been incredible.  The price is competitive with EastWest and Vienna Libraries, but is definitely worth the price.  Where as most libraries are scored in small stages with digital enhancement.  Hans strove to create as close to the “real thing” that you can get in a box.  Clearly the Mic options are certainly one of those features that make this library one of a kind and a must have for all Studios and Composers.


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