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Nashville Audio Engineer On Pensado’s Place

Justin Niebank is one of the most talented Audio Engineers in Nashville. He has work with artist such as; Bon Jovi, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, LeAnn Rimes, Brad Paisley, Rascal Flatts, and Neil Diamond. Here is a great interview with him on Pensado’s Place.

Create Movement In You Mix

Automation is one of the greatest tools in which DAWs has given us complete control. You can automate any parameter inside a DAW and create some amazing effects. Take advantage of this great tool to spice up your mixes and add movement. I am not suggesting that you go overboard and automate every little thing, […]

Mix Up Your Monitors

Having multiple sets of monitors will greatly improve your mixing and critical listening skills. This is something that all professional audio engineers practice and is sometimes a huge part of their workflow. While you are mixing, try playing your mix through a few different pairs of speakers, even if they are just regular old computer […]

Prevent Hearing Loss

This is important to everyone in the industry, but sometime we all can get a little careless, and may not know that we are doing something that can cause hearing loss. I’m am not saying you need to be paranoid by anything that makes noise, but just be aware and cautious. The world can be […]

What Is The Best Condenser Microphone Under $200?

If you are on a budget and really need a solid microphone that will do the job, what should you buy? Recording Hacks has an indepth review on 7 microphones in the $200 price range. They took these microphones and recorded a couple different instruments and have the results as a blind test, letting you […]

Will Mastering Fix A Mix?

No. Plan and simple, if the mix isn’t good, mastering won’t fix it. Mastering is something that is commonly confused and misunderstood. Mastering engineers make small surgical changes and bring the mix up to level, they don’t make big changes or adjust individual pieces of a mix. So if your mix isn’t sounding its best […]

Mixing In Headphones

This can be a huge challenge for any engineer and can have terrible results if you are not careful. So how do you mix in headphones and have it sound awesome on speakers when you’re done? There are some easy to follow guidelines that can help make this easier but it is important to not […]

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