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DHI Staff Audio Engineer and Instructor Colin Heldt Shares Simple…But Important Advice

Hey guys. Honestly – Colin is freakishly good as an Engineer…but doesn’t really like being in the spotlight so I’m tickled that we’ve gotten him to share the next 4-5 weeks worth of audio tips with us. Thanks Colin! I’ve got to mention for a moment here at the risk of embarrassing them that our […]

Dave Hagen – Final Audio Engineering Project- Starts with Mic Placement

Today we begin our final project phase 1. This means that we’re starting to track the rock band Lazar-Lazar and that this morning our students were up to their elbows in the process of session set up…including of course a heavy dose of mic placement! SOOO important. Please check out this video for more thoughts […]

DHI Staff Audio Engineer/Instructor Dave Hagen – Talking Reference Speakers

Fantastic week here at Dark Horse. A beautiful sounding choir from Uganda just stopped in to record for the morning…lots of stunning music from their homeland…mostly acappella. We’ll post a bit of video soon from their session. Here is Dave Hagen’s Audio Tip of the Week –

DHI Student Brad Roth on His Time in Audio Engineering Here So Far!

My experience at The Dark Horse Institute so far has been amazing. The weeks leading up to it were kind of nerve-racking though. I didn’t know if I would fit in, if I would be able to keep up with the class, or if I was really making the best career decision. I decided to […]

A Guest Student Blog Entry, from Audio Engineering Student, Steven Lance.

And here is a video and guest blog from our student Steven Lance. Music in the background on the video by “Chasing Summer! Enjoy! “Having been in music for multiple years, I didn’t want to wait any longer for my ideas and dreams to come true. Education was going to be the cornerstone of what […]

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