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The Importance of Knowing your Avid Pro Tools Shortcuts

It pays to understand the importance of knowing your Avid Pro Tools shortcuts…literally! Pro Tools is the leading recording software in recording studios across the world, and isn’t going anywhere fast. Other audio recording programs like Logic, Cubase, Sonar, and Reason are still making strong cases, but you’ll only find one DAW in most pro […]

Acoustics, the Home Recording Studio Killer

Acoustic Treatments for Your Home Recording Studio Are Acoustics Killing Your Listening Game?The problem might be right there with you in the room! Acoustic treatment for your home recording studio will save you loads of time! With home recording studios rising in popularity, the amount of technology that is being marketed to the home recording studio owner […]

Learn How to Record Acoustic Guitar in your Home Studio

Recording any acoustic instrument is tricky.  Many people believe that you have to have a completely sound proof room, the musician has to breath as silent as possible and it’s going to be impossible to get a clean sound. With acoustic guitar many engineers make the mistake of recording solely from the direct out.  So […]

Keeping Track of your Tracks: Labeling your Tracks

With the digital world making it easier to take your work anywhere you go, it makes it harder to keep track of what you were working on.  Files with the same name, different sizes, different dates…where is the one you are looking for?  Pro Sound Web’s Mark Marshall has some great suggestions and the importance of […]

Are You Sitting Too Far From Your Studio Monitors?

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Auralex President and Founder Eric Smith yesterday.  If you are in recording or live sound, you surely know the Auralex Brand.  One thing that struck many of us by surprise, but will certainly change the way we mix is that we are usually sitting in the wrong […]

Gear We Love: Auralex MoPAD Monitor Isolation Pads

Did you know that your monitors are the most critical components in your studio?  The sound can change greatly depending on what surface the monitors are placed on.  So our friends at Auralex have the solution.  It’s by no means a new product but one we love none the less. The MoPad is designed to […]

How to make your songs sound better in iTunes

An Engineer friend of mine shared an interesting video with me.  The video is by Ian Shepherd of  Ian illustrates why the loudness wars are destroying the quality of music in digital playback.  Using several U2 reference pieces over the past 30 years, Ian shows us why it’s important to mix your CD’s as dynamically, […]

Home Studio Mistakes you are Probably Making

We love Home Studio.  I know that sound like Taylor Swift saying she loves Kanye, but we are realistic and believe Home Recording and Professional Studios can live hand and hand.   I came across this blog by Graham and the Recording Revolution (who if you don’t read and follow you should.)  He explains what […]

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