Dark Horse Institute Joins Full Moon Pickin Party 2015

Full Moon Pickin Party - Friends of Warner Park

Your guarantee for summer fun starts May 29th! Dark Horse Institute has partnered with Friends of Warner Parks for this year’s Full Moon Pickin Party events!

Imagine yourself on a warm summer’s night strolling through the lights and sounds of about 2,500 of Nashville’s finest pickers – acoustic guitars, basses, banjos, mandolins, harmonicas, and more – spread out across the rolling horse pastures and in the barns of the Percy Warner Equestrian Center. All the while, a main stage features a 3 band line up of the finest bluegrass in the region. Of course, you didn’t leave home without some comfy lawn chairs and an oversized blanket so you can relax as you look up at the stars while catching bits and pieces of the night’s festivities. In the distance, you hear a group of children laughing and playing with glow sticks as they run across the pasture. The familiar chord progressions of an acoustic guitar drift past you, a result of a nice breeze that has picked up just enough to extinguish the forming bead of sweat on your brow. Someone asks about food and you casually point them in the direction of some of Nashville’s best food trucks; parked near the horse barns and ready to serve up a delicious plate of gourmet, foodie goodness.

After you’ve claimed your spot among the others that have gathered on this gorgeous night, you decide to take a stroll closer to the stage to get a better look. Soon enough, you find yourself weaving your way through the pockets of musicians that have formed their own picking circles; strumming to the song in their souls. As you make your way to the end of one of the barns, you’ll find a crowd gathered. Some picking there, outside the stalls, and others seem to be spilling out of stall #16. Intrigued, you make your way to the end of the barn and towards the sound of more music…

Welcome to Stall 16SONY DSC

Dark Horse Institute has partnered with Friends of Warner Parks to offer a unique experience for goers of the Full Moon Pickin Party and students of Dark Horse Institute alike. Each night of the Pickin Party, DHI will host just 9 live recording sessions in Stall 16 for any of the groups, or individual pickers that are in attendance. The mobile studio initiative will be lead primarily by a hand picked group of current and past Dark Horse Institute students. The excitement lies in the entire process as DHI students will have the opportunity to gain invaluable, hands-on field experience in live mobile recording studio situations. Not only that, but the end result of the audio recordings will be mixed, mastered, and shared online for charitable donation to Friends of Warner Parks. Not to mention, goers of the Full Moon Pickin Party will have access to the live recordings and will be able to cherish the memories of what is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

So join Friends of Warner Park and Dark Horse Institute for the first Full Moon Pickin Party on May 29th! For further details, make sure to click this link: Full Moon Pickin Party Event Calendar. Don’t miss out on one of the coolest things happening in Nashville this summer!


Sean Rogers Dark Horse Institute

Sean Rogers is the Director of Student Services at Dark Horse Institute as well as a seasoned producer and audio engineer. He has over 7 years of career counseling experience and is credited for his work on major label projects for artists such as Lady Antebellum, Dierks Bentley, Eric Church, and more.


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